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Unity of Chicago South

Beyond Walls Spiritual Community

May 2023

Sunday, May 7

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Sunday, May 14

Mother’s Day ‘A-C-E’

Sunday, May 21

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Sunday, May 28

Divine Feminine

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July 9th



Spiritual awakening to the Oneness of the universe is a primary aspect of the New Thought practice; we confidently affirm that spirituality is essential for success. The focus is to expand our consciousness towards a Christ-like awareness through attending worship services, and classes, and by meditating alone or with others. Simply put, it is a practice to create a clearer path towards understanding and internalizing the Divine presence through seeking entrance into The Silence.

A platform of Faith supports our efforts, to manifest abundance, and joy in our lives. We are confident that we are co-creators with the Universe. As practitioners, it is our firm belief that our spiritual growth enables us to live our best lives and make a positive impact on the world.


Spiritual healing — it is the psychological and the physical man who needs healing.  Spiritual mind healing is based on the assumption that Spirit is already perfect. That Mind is the creative factor, and that body conditions are effects. The physician treats the body, the psychologist and metaphysician treat the mind. There need be no confusion over this.- Earnest Holmes, Religious Science

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