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Unity of Chicago South is an online spiritual community designed to empower individuals to live lives of meaningful purpose. We offer empowering spiritual teachings and diversity to help you create a spiritual foundation for your life.  We teach from a spiritual cutting edge.  We give members and visitors access to inspiring spiritual teachings and materials that can help them find their way in life. We offer learning, growth, healing, and transformation in a consciousness of NOW!

We are not the future for no one or no-thing can be the future but the future itself.  We are the present interpreting insightful voices from then and now from a divine perspective, grounded in the spirit of this moment, with the goal to help individuals be better to do better-We are Unity of Chicago South.  Engage with Unity of Chicago South online spiritual community now and be a part of growing our inspiring spiritual community!

March 2023

Sunday, March 5

Guided Meditation

Sunday, March 12

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Sunday, March 19

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Sunday, March 26

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April 30

Talking the Fifth


New thought believes spiritual growth is the result of a perpetually advancing mind. The mind is not content with the past or its achievements and is not satisfied with studying only the systems of philosophy or religion. Continually evolving spiritual consciousness to achieve Christ consciousness is what they seek and through worship services, group and personal meditation they are constantly seeking to know and understand God more deeply and internalize the oneness of it all.- Rev. Dr. Stephen L. Albert, The Interfaith Manual


Spiritual healing — it is the psychological and the physical man who needs healing Spiritual mind healing is based on the assumption that Spirit is already perfect, that Mind is the creative factor, and that body conditions are effects. The physician treats the body, the psychologist and metaphysician treat the mind. There need be no confusion over this.- Earnest Holmes, Religious Science

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