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Writings from Early New Thought & Metaphysical Thinkers

Annie Hutchinson
P.P. Qumiby
Emma Curtis Hopkins
Myrtle Fillmore
Charles Fillmore
Cora Fillmore
Earnest Holmes
Raymond Charles Baker
Emmet Fox
Eric Butterworth
Khalil Gibran
The Tao

Virtual Book Club & 5th Sunday Downloads

June 'Talking the 5th' Selection
Virtual Book Club Aug 20
Enhanced 7-Day Diet
Sept 17 VBC Enhanced 7-Day Diet
Oct 15 Virtual Book Club Selection
Attaining Your Desires
What Did Jesus Teach?
The Beatitudes
Changing Your Own Fate 21 Jan 24
The Power of Silence
Entering The Silence Feb 18
Making Over Oneself-Mar 17
Making Over Oneself-Mar 17
How to Train Your Brain-Apr 21
May 19 VBC
Character Building Thought Power

Audio Downloads

Ed Rabel Tape 1 side1
Ed Rabel Tape 1 side 2
Ed Rabel Tape 2 Side 1
Ed Rabel Tape 2 Side 2
Ed Rabel Tape 3 Side 1
Ed Rabel Tape 3 Side 2
Spiritual Healing Made Practical